The world's most iconic doll is now an official fashion blogger, otherwise known as a social media influencer - one who will charge for a promoted post. However, in an age when a single postive post on the right Instagram can led to a product sell-out, Barbie rise to digital influencer on Instagram at @barbiestyle should come as little surprise. ​

​ The ​beloved​ doll created by Mattel was paid by Dyson to attend a conference in Hawaii earlier this month and promote its new Supersonic hairdryer. During the event, Barbie created sponsored content, which showed the doll using Dyson new dyer and attending the conference. One of the images, which shows Barbie holding a compact at the event has over 41.9 thousand likes, which highlights Barbie's growing influence. ​ ​

​ Although Mattel decline to share how much Barbie was paid per post, Barbie's rise as a social media influencer is said to be the result of initiative which was "inspired by the world's fascination with Barbie." Her style Instagram account is overseen by a team of senior designers, who create her custom made outfits, design scaled sets and scout locations for her photoshoots. In addition, the team works with an in-house digital and marketing team alongside of publicity agency KCD. ​

​​ ​

​ "A core group within the Barbie design team saw an opportunity to show a beautiful, curated, behind-the-scenes look inside Barbie’s world," said Kristina Duncan, Vice President of marketing communications for Barbie to WWD. "Barbie has always been a reflection of culture, and @BarbieStyle showcases her as an icon traveling the world, showing up in culturally relevant places and spaces." ​

​ Her account has gained 1.5 million followers to date and shared images from events such as New York Fashion Week, the Golden Globes and music festival Coachella. "The response from our fans has been overwhelmingly positive," added Duncan. "We have a highly engaged following who love the beautiful imagery and real-life situations we create. Most comments consist of our followers tagging their friends saying ‘look, it’s us!’" ​





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