Filippa K founder returns to eponymous brand as creative director

London - Filippa Knutsson once oversaw the development of her Swedish eponymous fashion label, which she founded in 1993 together with Patrik Kihlborg and Karin Segerblom. Now Knutsson is set to return to the label once more years after she has left to take up the reins once more as creative director.

Knutsson is set to take over creative control from Nina Bogstedt on January 13, 2017, who previously led the creative team for 19 years, as she has left Filippa K in order to taken on “new challenges outside of the company,” said the brand in a statement. Although Knutsson did not acitvely work at the label she helped founded, she has been active behind the scenes working in various positions, most recently serving as a member of board.

“We want to thank Nina for her valuable effort during all of these years at Filippa K and wish her all the best of luck for the future. At the same time, it is with great joy that we welcome Filippa Knutsson back as Creative Director. With her experience and unique knowledge of the brand DNA Filippa Knutsson will lead the creative development forward and be an important part of the journey Filippa K is on,” says Interim CEO Anna Lönnerstedt.

Filippa Knutsson will be based in London for her new role, but is set to work closely with the Stockholm Head Office

Photo: Filippa K, Facebook





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