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Free Career website and ATS for FashionUnited members

By FashionUnited PR


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FashionUnited has significantly upgraded its services to assist partners in optimizing their recruitment processes, enhancing employer visibility, and attracting top talent to the fashion industry.

Career website for employers

Premium members get their own working at website in their own environment. This allows companies to link directly from their main website to all open job positions, providing candidates with comprehensive information about their potential future employer.

Access to ATS dashboard software

To streamline the recruitment process and easily manage vacancies and applicants, members have full access to the intuitive dashboard software. The efficiency of a recruitment strategy depends in part on how well candidates are managed, which is why ATS-lite software is part of the premium package. ATS-lite will help organize candidate information and monitor the status of applications.

Unlimited job postings

Finding the right talent is a tough challenge in today's job market, with vacancies needing to be online as soon as possible. To avoid incurring additional costs per vacancy, the premium package includes an unlimited number of vacancies agreed in a "range." With this option, vacancies can be posted without consideration until the right candidate is found.

The FashionUnited services are constantly evolving with new features to ensure that fashion companies can attract new talent as easily as possible.

Please email jobs@fashionunited.com for more information.

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