Jenna Lyons to launch direct to consumer fashion and lifestyle channel

London - Jenna Lyons, the former creative powerhouse behind J. Crew, has announced her next venture, a multi-digital platform dedicated to all things fashion and lifestyle, broadcast on television, with an e-commerce site to match.

The new venture, set to debut in 2019, sees Lyons partner with television giant Turner Entertainment with the aim of building a global lifestyle brand.

A weekly, unscripted lifestyle series will be aired on television, but merged with e-commerce and up to date content, as an omni present direct to consumer platform, reported WWD.

"We want to try something new," Lyons told WWD. "I want to build a story-driven, comprehensive resource for anyone to satisfy their personal style and help them make aesthetic choices. We’ll bring that together with real-time entertainment. With the team at Turner, I’ve found an inspiring and open-minded approach to thinking about commerce across multiple platforms."

Lyons stated the idea is to present a cohesive vision of fashion, beauty and interiors, which will be a meeting point between desire and affordability, and will give consumers the tools they need to help create their own style. At the heart of Lyons' work is the belief that aspiration and accessibility can co-exist. A thoughtfully edited platform will provide individuals the tools to create their own style narratives.

Audiences have missed Lyons' curated point of view

Lyons is known for her successful preppy and quirky styling at J. Crew, a large audience that has missed her curated point of view. The new venture will marry all elements of today’s media landscape including television, e-commerce, social media and direct-to-consumer platforms.

“In addition to her notable leadership, I, like millions of Americans, was taken with Jenna’s role in shaping J. Crew Group’s growth and strategic transformation,” Kevin Reilly, president of TBS and TNT and chief creative officer of Turner Entertainment, said in a statement. “I couldn’t think of a better partner for this next-generation fusion of media, lifestyle, and commerce.”

In collaboration with Turner, Lyons will share her curatorial perspective on a weekly television series produced by Our House Media. Talking about the move, Matt Hanna, president of Our House Media USA said: "Our House Media is super excited about working with Jenna and Turner to create something that’s never been done. The timing seems just right to finally crack the content-commerce puzzle. And connecting a personality like Jenna with the vision of Turner presents us with an incredible creative opportunity.”

The venture, which has yet to be named, resonates with the ambition of the failed Fashionair platform in 2009, which aimed to merge Fashion and Entertainment, with content and shopping. Founded by former Net-a-Porter executive Sojin Lee and Simon Fuller, investors pulled the plug after just one year.

Photo credit: Jenna Lyons by Jon Gurinsky for Eventphotosnyc, source Flickr





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