Marco Pirone has been tapped to be Kiton's new executive vice president. He will begin in his new role on September 1.

Kiton chief executive officer Antonio De Matteis says that Pirone will be in charge of three specific business areas: retail, marketing, and licensing.

“This is a very peculiar historic moment and, due to the current political situation in the world, I think companies need to be extremely flexible since everything is happening and changing so quickly,” De Matteis said in a statement. “This is the reason why we decided to put a major focus on retail, marketing and licensing by tapping a highly qualified manager like Pirone.”

For the last four years, Pirone was the managing director of Louis Vuitton in Italy, and previously worked at Estee Lauder as general manager, and later vice president of the Europe, Middle East, and North Africa region.

Kiton currently operates 50 monobrand stores across the globe. They recently opened flagships in Tokyo and Montecarlo. A second store in Paris along with a store in Miami are expected to open later this year.

The inauguration of a flagship inside the brand's Milanese palazzo location is expected during the first months of 2018.

While markets are currently uncertain, Kiton is hoping to end the year with similar results to 2015.





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