Will Kahn has been named to the role of market director, fine jewelry, at Moda Operandi. Kahn joined the company this week, having previously served as the fashion market and accessories director at "Town & Country." He will continue to contribute to the magazine in addition to his new duties at Moda Operandi.

Kahn will be reporting to Preston Bottomy, vice president of strategy at the company. This year Moda has added key roles to its team, with new positions including a new chief financial officer, Kristina Salen, and a new chief product officer, Akshat Thanawala.

Moda Operandi has been able to compete in the competitive luxury online fashion retailer landscape thanks to pre-retail concept where customers pre-order products before they hit stores. In 2017, the company did 165 million dollars in revenue, up 68 million from 2016.





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