As Shinola focuses on their expansion, they are also looking at expanding their executive team. The company has began restructuring their senior management, and they have made Tom Lewand, the president of the Detroit Lions for the past 20 years, the new ceo of Shinola.

Lewand succeeds Steve Bock, president of Bedrock Manufacturing Co., the parent company of Shinola and Filson. Bock is now ceo of Filson and has relocated to Seattle.

Lewand's new position will allow Jacques Panis, president of Shinola, to pursue new initiatives at the Detroit-based fashion and bicycle firm. Panis will report to Lewand and Tom Karstosis, the founder of Shinola and Bedrock.

In a statement, Kartsotis said, “Bringing Tom Lewand onto the team is enabling us to expand the reach of Jacques Panis into some interesting new initiatives that we are pursuing. Jacques does something that amazes me every single week. He also does something that makes me crazy every week, so our customers and supporters can continue to expect the unexpected from Shinola.”





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