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Short guest appearance: Walter Chiapponi leaves Blumarine after one season

By Jule Scott


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Walter Chiapponi. Credits: ©Launchmetrics/spotlight

Walter Chiapponi debuted his vision as creative director for Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week in February, but it was short-lived. The designer, who took up the role of creative director at the Italian fashion house in November, will now be leaving, Blumarine announced on Thursday.

"For me, it was a kind of return to the future, in which I have put all my love and creative passion," said Chiapponi. "My thanks for this experience go first and foremost to Marco Marchi, [editor's note: director of Blumarine parent company Eccellenze Italiane] but also to all those without whom I would not have been able to express myself as I have done."

No reasons were given for the early demise of Chiapponi, who moved from the traditional Italian brand Tod's to Blumarine. Instead, Marchi emphasised that the collaboration with Chiapponi and his time at the brand "will remain unique and will mark a special moment in Blumarine's history".

"I am grateful to Walter Chiapponi for putting so much of himself into this collection," said Marchi. "It was an extraordinary adventure. I wish Walter all the best for the continuation of his journey."

Chiapponi took over the creative helm from designer Nicola Brognano, who joined Blumarine in 2019 following the takeover of the brand's parent company by Eccellenze Italiane Holding (EIH), the new luxury goods group founded by CEO Marchi at the time, which breathed new life and a good dose of Y2K flair into the label.

With his first and last collection for Blumarine, his successor, Chiapponi, subtly moved away from the path previously taken by Brognano and favoured a softer, more reserved look that was somewhat reminiscent of his roots at Tod's.

Chiapponi's successor has not yet been announced.

Walter Chiapponi