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Wolford chief operating officer Andrew Thorndike resigns

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Wolford; Andrew Thorndike and Silvia Azzali

Luxury skinwear and hosiery brand Wolford has confirmed that its chief operating officer Andrew Thorndike has resigned and is exiting the company at the end of July.

In a short statement, Wolford said that Thorndike, who is a member of the management board, and the supervisory board have “mutually agreed to terminate [his] board mandate effective July 31, 2022”.

No additional reason was given for Thorndike’s exit.

Thorndike has been chief operating officer of the business since October 2019, tasked with completely restructuring the company, and in 2021, Wolford reported its EBITDA in 10 years, with double-digit growth in turnover and earnings, as sales hit 108.9 million euros.

Wolford added: “The supervisory board expressively thanks Andrew Thorndike for his commitment to the company.”

The skinwear and hosiery brand said that the process of appointing a new member of the management board has begun. Until an appointment is made, management board member Silvia Azzali will run the business as sole director.

Andrew Thorndike