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360Cashmere eyeing New York City for next location

By Kristopher Fraser


360Cashmere officially opened for business with their new Santa Monica location that opened at the beginning of this month. But, California is never enough for any fashion brand, and whoever found real success without an East Coast presence anyways? The brand has already announced that it is eyeing New York City as its next location for a brick-and-mortar store.

360Cashmere is looking for ways to grow shows and increase their array of products offered, one of the ways they have chosen to do so is through a direct-to-consumer model. Their new Santa Monica store offers customers the chance to “really get a feel of the 360 lifestyle and brand,” 360 founder and president Bruce Gifford was quoted saying in Women’s Wear Daily. For 360Cashmere it seems to be all about location for them right now.

The brand’s first store is located in Malibu Lumber Yard shopping center, a prime retail destination. When brands look to expand in the North American market New York is always one of their go to options for a location, respectfully so with NYC being the fashion capital of the U.S. The company is currently looking into what other U.S. cities to expand to (Dallas, Houston, Chicago, or Miami perhaps?), but they have set no timetable or made any announcements for any other definite locations as of yet.

Regardless, the company’s stores are sure to be a success, as they already have quite the following and a very impressive clientele list. The luxurious sweaters are sold in the likes of fine department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales, as well as through online retail channels like Shopbop. In 2013 they launched their Skull Cashmere collection which caters to a more edgy customer. Both 360Cashmere and Skull Cashmere are available at their new Santa Monica store. Fingers cross that they announce where they will putting their East Coast footprint soon, because New York fans are dying for a brick-and-mortar location.

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