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Amazon France postpones Black Friday sales

By Kristopher Fraser

Nov 20, 2020

Black Friday is typically one of the biggest days on any retailers calendar. The sales usually bring a plethora of shoppers and major single day revenue for companies. Black Friday is known as the Friday after Thanksgiving in America, and some companies even begin having Black Friday sales the week of to capitalize on early shoppers as much as possible.

Over at Amazon France, however, Black Friday will be a bit delayed this year. The head of Amazon France said that Black Friday deals will be postponed to December 4 this year. Amazon France did this to see if it could help shopkeepers who can’t reopen before December 1.

France is currently under lockdown due to a spike in coronavirus cases. The lockdown is expected to last until December 1, meaning non-essential shops will have to remain closed until then.

photo: courtesy of Amazon Newsroom