Astrologist Susan Miller opens pop-up with Bloomingdale’s

Astrology has quietly made its way into mainstream discourse, becoming a cultural phenomenon in more ways than one. Fashion has welcomed the trend with open arms in the form of jewelry, graphic T-shirts, capsule collections, and more. But if there was any indicator that astrology has officially landed in the industry, it’s with an exclusive pop-up store curated by renowned astrologer, Susan Miller, according to an announcement from the brand.

For its latest installation of Carousel at Bloomingdale’s—the company’s immersive, rotating pop-up store centered around relevant themes in culture—has commissioned Miller, the popular astrologist behind the website Astrology Zone, to be its guest curator. The Carousel at Bloomingdale’s: Astrology Zone will feature a selection of items inspired by the four zodiac elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

“I am thrilled that Bloomingdale’s came to me with the idea of having a pop-up shop devoted to astrology…” Miller shared in a statement. “Everyone loves astrology’s ability to predict future trends. We wanted the shop to go a step further by showing shoppers how to find the perfect item for themselves, or as a gift for others, by knowing their sign or element. I love this idea, for it will heighten the fun of shopping.”

The pop-up shop will feature a unique collection of items across the fashion, beauty, and home sectors including pieces from smaller brands such as Los Angeles-based clothing line Rezek Studio, New York-based jewelry label SVNR and more. In total, the Carousel at Bloomingdale’s: Astrology Zone will offer over 120 brands.

The Carousel at Bloomingdale’s: Astrology Zone will be open from Jan. 9 to Mar. 1 at five select Bloomingdale’s locations including New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Image: Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Facebook





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