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Band of Outsiders NYC store closing


Band of Outsiders NYC store closing

By Kristopher Fraser

May 29, 2015

Well, unfortunately the Band of Outsiders news has gotten worst. While the brand announced earlier this week that they would be laying off most of their employees and not producing their fall collection amid rumors that they would be folding, many still had hope for them. The one major light of hope was the fact that their NYC store was still open.

That little light of hope has finally faded, because it has been revealed that their NYC store will close at the end of June. Currently there is a sign in front of the store that says, "Yes, we're still open, and we're on sale." It almost sounds like an act of desperation to get shoppers to come help them purge their inventory, but, it is a sad day for them indeed.

Scott Sternberg, the founder of Band of Outsiders, still remains mum on whether the brand will officially fold or not, so, all hope is not lost. A sales associate at the Band of Outsiders boutique revealed to Women's Wear Daily the plans to shut down the store, although he said that the current sale, where 40 percent of their resort and spring collections are on sale, was planned before news of the brand potentially shuttering operations broke.

It is still unclear when the brand's Tokyo store will close, but unless Sternberg has some surprise to let that remain as the one store open in the world, it's date of closure should be revealed soon. While the industry is still waiting for Sternberg to make any official comment either way things aren't looking good for the label. Fashion is losing one of its quirkiest makers of preppy aesthetic clothing, but, perhaps Sternberg will surprise us and find some way to save the company.