Brand loyalty is only as good as your last customer experience, according to a report conducted by the Sitel Group. Analysts have already discovered that a brand’s sociopolitical actions can have more of an effect on young consumers’ engagement than pricing or quality, but it turns out that customer service experience is of similar importance to shoppers of all ages.

The Sitel Group, a customer experience management company recently determined through a survey of 12 thousand U.S. consumers that personal experiences interacting with brands impact their engagement and loyalty.

The majority of American consumers would boycott a brand or retailer following a negative customer support experience, and conversely would advocate for a brand that has shown good customer support. In fact, 50 percent of the consumers surveys had cut ties with a brand over the past year solely due to a poor customer service experience.

In a statement, the Sitel Group said that “consumers’ loyalty to brands is delicate at best.” Consumers actually value a positive consumer experience more than price; 47 percent of all consumers, and 51 percent of millennial consumers, would pay a higher price on a product from a brand or retailer they know to provide positive customer support.

Providing a worthwhile customer service experience is in a retailer’s best interest all around. Shoppers will advocate for a brand after a positive experience, as 49 percent shared that they would write a positive review online to encourage others to shop from a brand who provided good service.





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