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Breitling reopens its Madison Avenue boutique

By Kristopher Fraser

Nov 19, 2021


Image: Breitling

Breitling has reopened its Madison Avenue flagship boutique after a full redesign to the brand’s industrial-loft concept. Breitling opened its first flagship boutique in the world in New York City in 2011. In 2016, the boutique was relocated to 575 Madison Avenue. The redesigned space now features two stories, 90 feet of wrap-around sidewalk frontage, and 4300 square feet in which to showcase the latest Breitling watches. The location is also the world’s first outpost of Breitling Equipment, the brand’s new travel-and-lifestyle accessories collection.

In a statement, Breitling CEO Georges Kern said, “Forget all your notions of what a watch showroom looks like. With this boutique redesign, we’ve created a relaxed, uplifting, and inclusive environment that you’ll feel the moment you step through the door. By redefining the whole premise of the retail experience, we’re achieving our vision of being the undisputed leader of neo-luxury.”

The Madison Avenue redesign is based on the distinctive industrial-loft aesthetic that is already a defining part of Breitling’s top global retail locations. Each boutique offers its customers a casual, stylish, modern-retro ambiance. The brand’s three “universes”, air, sea, and land (the environments for which Breitling’s watch families were developed), are reflected in the decor, which includes aircraft-inspired elements, surfboards, and vintage motorcycles. Relaxed watch bars and lounge areas invite visitors to explore the timepieces in comfort and at their own pace.

In a statement, Breitling USA president Thierry Prissert said, “The new, inviting aesthetic and design will be the ultimate destination for any Manhattan-based watch aficionado and those visiting from around the world. We are looking forward to the new boutique becoming a relaxing and inclusive environment to welcome our local clients, as well as new customers who enjoy watches with a tasteful yet approachable luxury style.”