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Counterfeit Denim sets forth innovative opportunities for Denim Brands

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Apr 8, 2022


Countercheck, courtesy of the brand

Denim industries are witnessing massive jumps in demand for youth-oriented denim apparel around the world in the post-pandemic situation. The same jumps in demand are captured by the counterfeiters’ eyes.

Counterfeiting to Denim Jeans is an old relation, where renowned brands like Diesel have taken significant steps by destroying thousands of counterfeit denim products worldwide.

A year before the pandemic, Diesel reports having penalised 1,244 websites promoting the sale of counterfeit goods, filing 2,838 cases of copyright and trademark infringement, and removing 4,901 fake advertisements on the publicity and sales of counterfeit denim.

A major factor giving counterfeiters the prowess to manufacture fake denim is the increasing fashionable apparel appeal of the youth population. Additionally, variance in options available in terms of colour and shades coupled with visibility on social media sites and eCommerce marketplaces is another factor driving the sales of counterfeits.

Correspondingly, brands have made effective use of creative brains to limit the sale of fake denim and spread awareness amongst the masses. Diesel wanted to respond smartly against counterfeits and counterfeiters and thus opened a tongue-in-cheek denim store with the label ‘Deisel’ on the store’s forefront and apparel available inside. It resulted in people from the hawker’s street noticing the misspell and realising how counterfeiters can dupe them into buying fakes.

According to Business Wire, the global premium denim jeans market is forecasted to grow by 3.53 billion dollars between 2020 - 2024. Observing the prevailing opportunity and the stiff competition between different brands, the right holders have sought innovative ways for luring eco-conscious customers. Brands are developing fabrics that not only serve the feel of denim but provides sportswear functionalities such as thermo-regulation, moisture regulation, UV protection, and anti-tearing abilities. Yet again, the Italian denim brand Diesel sets up the mark by introducing hybrid denim jean, which inherits the characteristics of jersey material but looks like premium denim.

Producing these kinds of innovative, premium quality denim has led counterfeiters to take a back seat and wait for other technological advancements that will disrupt the underlying fake market.

An increased acceptance of wealth, social status, and fashion sense make brands collaborate with unconventional yet befitting partners.

In recent times and forward, these collaborative partners have been logistics firms that will help denim brands identify fake parcels that are sneakily packaged to imitate genuine brands’ signatures.

Finally, these collaborations will involve capable of identifying counterfeit packages on the supply chains — helping both brands and logistics companies stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against counterfeit denim.