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Curbside pickup the new normal for department stores

By Kristopher Fraser


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As states begin to loosen lockdown restrictions from coronavirus, department stores are trying to find their way forward after having been completely shut down for two months, aside from e-commerce operations. In Texas, J.C. Penney and Saks Fifth Avenue have begun offering curbside pickup for orders, or essentially to-go orders.

Texas is one of a handful of southern states, including Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee, who have slowly started lifting coronavirus restrictions. Sales associates at Saks have begun returning to work and telling their clients that they can get curbside pick-up.

Despite an ease in restrictions, there isn't a full end to lockdown measures, so department stores still can't offer beauty services, and sales associates can't meet face-to-face with clients. Neiman Marcus is also offering curbside pickup services at stores in Texas. Macy's is also testing curbside services in Florida, Texas, and California.

As stores gradually reopen to service customers, companies will have to assess how to keep their customers and staff safe. Social distancing measures for people who enter stores and masks and gloves for staff working in stores are expected to become the new normal for a while.

photo: via PR Newswire

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