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Diesel launches Moon

By Kristopher Fraser


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Diesel has launched Moon, an omni-channel operating model designed to significantly upgrade the company's digital operations and make e-commerce more seamless. As e-commerce becomes more vital to companies' businesses in a post-lockdown world where customers are still hesitant to return to shopping at physical stores, Diesel saw this as an opportune time to strengthen their e-commerce and omnichannel approach to business.

Currently, e-commerce accounts for 12 percent of Diesel's business, but the revenue stream is driving double-digit growth figures year-on-year. Moon has taken 13 months to finalize. When coronavirus began impacting retail stores, Diesel felt the pressure to finalize Moon. The new omnichannel model is more agile and fit for Diesel's long-term growth.

For consumers, Moon offers a smooth, easy and all-in-one shopping experience. Shopping options are unlimited, in that all of Diesel’s current global stock will be integrated and buyable through this model. Shopping itself becomes frictionless: increased service levels, easy returns in-store, same day pickup in all stores, same day delivery in key cities, pre-ordering and more are all available. In the near future, the act of shopping will also become highly personalized in the digital space; data-driven approaches will elevate and edit user-specific interfaces as more purchases are made.

Moon is built over a leading edge technical architecture that integrates several applications complemented with a visual process & system real time monitoring dashboard. These include: the full control of Diesel’s order management system (the company’s OMS partner is Manhattan Associates); enhanced logistics operations; widened payment methods; universal stock fluidity (between warehouses and stores) and omni-channel client services. The newly integrated B2B and B2C logistics model guarantees best-in-class customer relations practices, and the broadened flexibility of inventory displayed between locations will exponentially increase product visibility. New emerging payment methods (including Wallets and Buy Now, Pay Later) will be accepted, and client services will be expanded, including a complete assimilation of social media care.

In March and April of 2020, Diesel quietly assumed 100 percent control of its web operations (prior, parts had been outsourced). With Diesel's web operations fully in-house again, this has better positioned their omnichannel approach to long-term growth.

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photo: courtesy of PR Consulting