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Galeries Lafayette, BHV Marais showcase Etsy designers

By Simone Preuss


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Designers who present and sell their creations via the online marketplace for handmade goods and crafts, Etsy, now have a chance to enter two Parisian department stores, Galeries Lafayette and BHV Marais.

From April 13 to May 7, Parisians and those visiting the fashion capital will be able to see creations by French Etsy designers at BHV Marais, and from June 6 to the end of December at the sixth floor of Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann.

"Consumers have changed dramatically. They use rather than acquire; handmade and co-created items aspire to reach a more sustainable model of consumption via the 'slow fashion' approach. All these transform the relationship with brands," said Albine Commissaire, brand director at Galeries Lafayette and BHV Marais.

The partnership between Etsy and Galeries Lafayette and its subsidiary BHV Marais follows encouraing results of pop-up stores that Etsy organised in France in 2015: More than 200 artists showed their creations to over 35,000 visitors. In France, nearly one in five people (23 percent) focuses full-time on creative pursuits.

In the United States, Etsy was able to increase its popularity through partnerships with Macy's and Whole Foods. After its English-speaking markets, France is the next biggest one for Etsy. "Creations 'made in France' are appreciated and recognized everywhere," said Pierre Louis Lacoste of Etsy France. This is why the company is saving no efforts to help these new entrepreneurs to market their products better and to a broader audience.

Etsy, founded in 2005, is a peer-to-peer e-commerce site with a focus on handmade creations and vintage items. Worldwide, Etsy has more than 54 million registered users and 1.5 million active sellers. In 2014, the site generated a turnover of 1.73 billion euros.

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