New York - U.K. based intimate apparel brand Gossard is attempting to grow their presence across the pond in the United States. The brand is teaming up with U.S. sales agent Easton International as part of their strategy for U.S. expansion.

Earlier this year, Gossard held an event to introduce their brand to more U.S. buyers, distributors, and members of the press. After the success of the event, the brand entered the next phase of their growth plan, which was partnering with Easton International.

Gossard's signature offerings are from their Glossies range. The line features bras and underwear made from a sheer fabric that is invisible under clothes. The brand is expected to bring Glossies to the U.S., along with their Gypsy and Superboost Lace ranges.

The price points for a Gossard bra range around 50 dollars, with corsets and slips retailing around 150 dollars, and underwear retailing around 40 dollars.





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