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Happy Socks opens second largest store in Union Square, New York

By Dale Arden Chong


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Swedish socks, underwear, and swimwear brand Happy Socks is deepening its roots in New York City with the opening of its latest retail store in Union Square. According to an announcement from the company, this will be its second-largest location in the United States.

The company’s fifth New York City retail space—and eighth in the U.S.—opens on Feb. 18 at the corner of Union Square’s notorious farmers market and iconic retailers including Paragon Sporting Goods.

The 753.5-square-foot space features the playful colors akin to Happy Socks’ image and will be stocked with all of the brand’s categories.

“This small strip on Broadway, just next to Union Square, is a shopping destination and an important spot for our brand to be on,” said Happy Socks’ head of retail Aleksander Milenkovic in a statement. “It’s very rare to find vacancies here and when we got the opportunity, we jumped on it. We will use the space to create an inspiring store with parts of our new concept showcasing the full range. We have very high expectations for this store…and we hope it will be a great showcase for the brand.”

With five stores located in New York and three in Los Angeles, Happy Socks is making a claim to the U.S. market beginning with its largest cities. The combination of international visitors and local consumers in New York will be a profit driver as well as a vital look to the world for the brand. Happy Socks has plans to open additional stores in New York and the U.S. for the next three years.

Images: Courtesy of Happy Socks

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