Harrods explores meaning of luxury in new podcast

Harrods, the iconic Knightsbidge department store, has launched a new podcast series where it explores the ideas of what luxury means today.

Called “Harrods: True Tales of Luxury," the six episode series seeks to ask the true meaning of luxury, answering questions such as whether it is craftsmanship or beauty. collaboration or knowledge, activism or emotion? Hosted by broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, she asks designers and artists to share their personal tales of luxury.

“Luxury has never simply been about collecting objects; it is completely personal, experiential and unique,” said Amanda Hill, chief marketing and customer officer at Harrods, in a statement. “Harrods' story, as one of the great luxury emporiums of the world, is already well-known and we believe we are uniquely placed to explore what luxury truly means in 2019. “We are excited and invite some of the most creative people working today, people that inspire us, as well as the listener, to do the same."

Each podcast will be unique, with guests invited to bring along an item they feel is a true embodiment of luxury, discussing what it means to them.

Listening to luxury

“I have always been fascinated by the stories that objects can tell, and the role which the things we value play in our lives,” Frostrup said in a statement. “Luxury is such a personal, subjective thing. The vast range of objects which were selected – from designer products to tools used in my guests’ individual craft - and the way they inspire and evoke joy, provided a completely unique and intimate discussion."

The first podcast features jeweller Stephen Webster, describing his extraordinary journey from the East End of London to designing jewellery often described as gothic luxury. He reveals why he's racked up a million air miles, and showcases a personalised cutlery set that means so much to him.

Harrods' new podcast is part of the store's investment into new digital marketing channels, such as the recent partnership it signed with Farfetch in February, as its exclusive e-commerce partner. The deal will see Harrods launch a new website next year where Farfetch will provide the retailer with e-commerce management, operations support, and international logistics.

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