Hunter focuses on expansion over London Fashion Week

UK lifestyle brand Hunter, which first debut its new fashion focus during a catwalk show at London Fashion Week in February, 2014, has decided to step away from the bi-annual fashion spectacle next season.

The brand revealed plans to "step away from the traditional fashion calendar" in an attempt to "move the needle on how it engages with the customer and excites the industry." Instead the brand aims to return to its old stomping grounds where consumers first fell in love with its iconic wellies: festivals.

"Hunter has been on an incredible journey these past two years, gathering real momentum as we set about transitioning this 160-year business," said Hunter creative director Alasdhair Willis to British Vogue on the reasoning behind the brand's decision to step away from London Fashion Week.

Hunter focuses on expansion over London Fashion Week

"During this massive transformative period we have delivered four brand-defining Hunter Original shows at LFW. Using this success as a strong tail wind, and continuing our commitment to innovate, now is the time to push things further. At this time within our industry, the moment is right to change things up and, as a brand, Hunter can do just that. I'm excited about our plans for the next two years that will see us keeping the customer central to everything we do."

The decision to step back from the catwalk comes as the brand expands its retail network and presence around the global. Hunter opened its first flagship stores on Regent Street in London last year and aims to open a series of standalone stores in key markets, with the first open slated to open next March in Tokyo. The store opening will be closely followed by openings in New York and Hong Kong, following successful pop-up openings in global cities.

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