Kaelen enters the e-commerce realm

It’s finally happened. One of New York’s favorite contemporary brands, Kaelen, has finally launched e-commerce. While plans to take Kaelen into the e-commerce realm have been taking form since November, it was all just a matter of finding a web design partner that could capture the aesthetic they wanted. The brand was founded in 2010 by Kaelen Haworth, and features a modern and minimalist design aesthetic, perfect for the likes of the more conservative but fashionable New Yorkers.

Her clientele includes not only the New York woman who enjoys minimalist designs, but also the post hipster women who are transitioning into adulthood, and are looking for something upscale, but not too ostentatious. Her New York fan base is consistently growing as she begins to make a name for herself, because despite her extremely recent launch into e-commerce, she certainly wasn’t an overnight success.

Kaelen can now be ordered online

Haworth was selected a year ago to be part of the CFDA Fashion Incubator program, a program that provides business development and mentoring to up and coming designers. If there is one thing the New York fashion scene has proven it’s once the CFDA is on your side your brand has nowhere to go but up. She began her label in 2010, and her fans and success have only been growing.

As for her new e-commerce channel, most of the spring collection is already available to be ordered, with the rest of the collection set to be made available online within the next week. The site boasts the particular trait of being the only direct-to-consumer model for online sales in the U.S., with the exception of pre-sale on luxury retail website Moda Operandi. For those international fans of Kaelen who are seeking that minimalist New Yorker vibe for their wardrobe international shipping is expected to be coming very soon.

With the constant talk of e-commerce being the future, Kaelen could not have selected a better time to enter the e-commerce realm. While Haworth sees the advantages of e-commerce in terms of it making apparel more accessible to people across America and globally, as well as being much cheaper to maintain than brick-and-mortar, she still realizes the value of having a physical location for your store. “I think it's really hard to replace a real tangible experience at the store. [e-commerce is] more accessible -- and by that I mean it's more accessible for the customer, but it's also more accessible for the designer because it's much less of an investment. It helps people understand your brand and it helps with your messaging, but I think a store is a different experience,” Haworth was quoted saying in an interview with fashionista.com. The new website really sticks to the Kaelen’s aesthetic, being very minimalist, yet creative, with everything against a bare white background, but the clothes and photos popping out at you curated in a way that is easy for the eye to follow. Kaelen has helped contribute to e-commerce’s dominance of the retail industry, but, it’s clearly the way of the future. Fashion lovers can now rejoice because Kaelen can be delivered to your doorstep with your friendly UPS man. Photo: Fashionista.com




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