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Komodo to open first European store in Hamburg

By Simone Preuss


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In view of the impending Brexit, British brands and retailers have two options: either bury their heads in the sand and hide or meet it head on, confidently. Ethical fashion brand Komodo has decided to do the latter and will open its first European flagship store in Hamburg, Germany at the end of the month on 31st October 2019, to be easier accessible for its European customers.

Why Hamburg? “We have seen our sales in Germany double in the last year and also thought that Hamburg seemed to work pretty well for the Beatles as a place to start out, so with fingers crossed, love is all we’ll need!,” explained the London-based brand in a press release on Thursday.

The new shop will be located at Schanzenstraße 3, in the heart of “Schanzenviertel”, a lively quarter with lots of boutiques, cafés and restaurants. Apart from their best sellers of the season and some old classics, the brand promises a few experiments too. Also, there will be yoga lessons in the basement and “some soulful playlists on the shop floor for added groove”.

Komodo was founded in 1988 by Joe Komodo as an ethical brand long before it was fashionable to do so and the need for sustainable and fair fashion was understood by the industry. The London-based brand works with materials like GOTS certified, luxury lightweight organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel, organic linen and cruelty free wool as well as recycled PET. The garments are made in family-run factories in Kathmandu and Java and a solar-powered knitwear factory in Nepal. Komodo also donates to charities like the Orangutan Sumatran Society, the Tibet Relief Fund, the Sunrise Orphanage in Kathmandu and is part of the 1 percent for the Planet initiative.

Photo: Komodo

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