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Lafayette 148 Launches AtelierDirect

By Kristopher Fraser

Jun 26, 2020


Lafayette 148 New York has announced the launch of AtelierDirect, a new division of the business. The company has enlisted a group of select stylists and brand ambassadors in key markets around the country to offer a new, private selling and styling service to clients craving a more curated, intimate shopping experience.

"The world has changed dramatically over the last three months, and we are working to follow the needs of our customers,” said Deirdre Quinn, the company's co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “The fact is, for the foreseeable future, our clients have told us that they’re not comfortable shopping in the traditional ways. We want to be there for her—whether it be department stores, specialty stores, our own Lafayette 148 stores, the web, catalog and even at home. For our women, safety is the new luxury.”

In a statement, Paul Lechlinski, vice president of direct to consumer sales at Lafayette 148, said, “Not only did COVID-19 show us that you can work from anywhere, but you can service clients from anywhere. You don’t necessarily have to have a traditional retail space to work with your customers. AtelierDirect grew naturally out of a practice that our store teams have already used for years — now we’re expanding it to service more women beyond our current brick-and-mortar reach.”

The service will be highly personalized. “AD Stylists” will work with clients one-on-one, pulling an edit of pieces based on their size, lifestyle and preferences. A shared services team at Lafayette 148’s corporate headquarters will support the AD stylist network to ensure the brand experience aligns. “This is an extension of our brand, not an independent business,” Lechlinski added. “We’ve handpicked stylists who embody our values, business ethos and philosophy. Wherever our clients are shopping, it should always feel like one voice, one look, and one vision of Lafayette 148.”

Quinn emphasized that AtelierDirect does not follow the mold of existing direct retail businesses. “This is an entirely new model,” Quinn added. “Nothing like this exists in the market today. The women we’ve brought on are all tastemakers — style arbiters with wardrobing and selling experience. Think of them as a nationwide group of independent fashion entrepreneurs— they have extraordinary networks and deep connections with the kind of modern, accomplishing women that we dress.”

AtelierDirect to launch in 25 markets

The service will launch in twenty-five markets around the country where Lafayette 148 has identified untapped demand, including Chicago, Boston, Nashville, and Naples. The company plans a “fall season pilot launch” this September to coincide with the debut of Lafayette 148’s rebranding and fall 2020 collection debut in August. The program will be built to scale for spring 2021 based on the fall 2020 learnings.

“At this time when the pandemic has challenged our sense of control, having more choices is empowering,” Quinn said in a statement. “The Lafayette 148 mission is to help women feel their power so they can build their worlds. AtelierDirect gives them another effective option for shopping and engaging with our brand.”

photo: via lafayette148ny.com