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Loewe opens new Miami flagship

By Kristopher Fraser


If you look around the city of Miami it’s no secret that the city is changing. The real estate is becoming more luxurious than ever, there are new coffee shops and boutiques popping up left and right, and above all else, it’s slowly turning into a star on the map for the fashion community. As luxury retailers are looking at capitalizing on their North American potential, Miami has been one of the most talked about places to try and expand given the large influx of tourists and the increasingly more wealthy demographics of many cities. Of course, the city will always be known for its strong and beautiful Latino and Spanish influences.

That is why when Spanish luxury brand Loewe looked to open their first North American flagship they looked at none other than Miami, Florida which is rich in Spanish influence and history. While the store opened in Miami’s Design District, a district famous for its Art Deco influence there was no Art Deco to be had here. Instead, the brand stuck true to its Spanish influence and what they did was quite unbelievable. Loewe Creative Director Jonathan Anderson scouted an 18th century granary building known as horréo from Spain, purchased it, had it shipped to America, and then rebuilt inside of the store.

This was a feat so grand it almost sounds like something out of a fairytale, but Anderson made it happen. Anderson was going after a modern interpretation of Spanish history, so he decided to borrow the horréo for 10 years. Loewe purchased the plot of land the building was on with the intention of returning it in 10 years after they have moved the concept design for their store forward. The 36 foot building is installed inside of a white building that will also feature William Morris inspired furniture.

This will be the first Loewe store that will be bear major conceptual direction from Anderson, so, this was a very exciting undertaking for him. On his aesthetic for the store, Anderson was quoted in Women’s Wear Daily saying, “It has this warmth that I wanted, but it also has this hyper-glossy feel around it, it’s a white box with a stone building inside.”

LMVH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton has been working very closely with the Miami Design District to ensure the store is a success, and it looks the store is poised to be quite the addition to the Design District. This is just the beginning to Loewe’s success in America, and they couldn't have picked a better place to do it than the city with the greatest Spanish influence in the U.S. As Anderson continues his overhaul of Loewe this is a great step in that process.

Jonathan Anderson