Collection and purchasing of used and unwanted clothing is increasing thanks to the growing interest in sustainable consumption. Second-hand clothing, once bought primarily for financial reasons, has now be repositioned in the market as “pre-loved clothing” to remind consumers that clothing is not disposable.

An increase is seen in the number of online retailers like, Poshmark, who create a platform for the reselling of used clothing. Some of the largest names in the fashion industry, including H&M and Inditex, are also joining second-hand clothing movement by introducing unwanted clothing collection bins in their stores.

FashionUnited has compiled articles previously covered on the topic of second-hand clothing in today’s retail industry:

H&M, Burberry, Nike & more team up to Make Fashion Circular

Burberry Group plc, Gap Inc, H&M, Nike Inc, Stella McCartney and HSBC - some of the largest names in the fashion industry - have joined forces to develop a future, circular industry. These industry leaders have been named core partners of the initiative Make Fashion Circular and will work with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to redesign the fashion industry.

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Trend topic: How the second-hand market is growing

Second-hand clothing is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to our full wardrobes and a growing awareness concerning sustainable consumption.

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Momox: Making millions with second-hand clothing

In 2016, Berlin company momox made a whopping 150 million euros in sales with used goods alone; an increase of 30 percent while profits rose by more than 50 percent. A considerable achievement for a re-commerce company that employs more than 1,000 people.

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Could previously-owned fashion become the next 'Fast-Fashion'?

Vintage hunters and second-hand fashion lovers rejoice - the trend for pre-owned fashion is on the rise. Although it seems unlikely that consumers will ever turn their backs on 'fast-fashion' from high streets giants like Primark, H&M and Zara for good, a new study has uncovered the changing attitudes of female shoppers towards clothing and pre-owned fashion following the economic turndown.

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Online fashion upcycling retailer Poshmark raises 87.5 million from Temasek

Poshmark has raised 87.5 million dollars in a funding round led by Singapore's state investor Temasek Holdings. The online fashion startup will use this investment for overseas expansion in Europe and Asia.






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