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Manu Atelier launches on Net-a-Porter China

By Kristopher Fraser

Mar 29, 2021


Turkish leather goods company Manu Atelier is launching on Net-a-Porter China as the aim to grow their business and target the East Asian market. The brand saw a successful entry into China when they launched on JD.com last July. The product offerings will focus on handbags and shoes, with a launch date for July 2021.

The Cylinder bag has been one of the brand’s best sellers in the country. China is now the number-one region for their wholesale category, representing 34 percent of their wholesale business. Sales are predicted to grow in the region after a 70 percent increase since last year.

Manu is only seven years old, and begun expanding internationally in 2017 with Net-a-Porter, Selfridges, and Opening Ceremony. The brand has partnered with major public figures in China, including singer Lai Meiyun, actress Cai Wenjing, and pop star Meng Jia.

China, which was already a major target market for luxury brands, has become even more significant as the world emerges from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has seen a surge in “revenge shoppers” as people wanted the experience of shopping again after lockdown. With parts of Europe still in lockdown and America working on its vaccine rollout, China has become the country of the moment for expansion as retail there has returned to mostly normal sans tourists for the moment.

Image: Browns.com

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