Marc by Marc Jacobs collaborates with Disney, discussion of brand's final collection

New york - It was the announcement that sent the whole fashion industry spinning when Marc Jacobs announced he would be discontinuing his more affordable contemporary line Marc by Marc Jacobs, and many of us are still in mourning over this. However, the brand hasn't closed the chapter on its beautiful history yet, and they still have a few more tricks up their sleeve. The first of these tricks would be their collaboration with Walt Disney Corp.

The brand unveiled a holiday merchandise partnership with super conglomerate Disney that is associated with the upcoming film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, which hits theaters in May 2016. The collection is titled "I Am Not Like Other Girls", and includes sunglasses, totes, backpacks, phone cases, jewelry, watches, and sweatshirts. The collection draws inspiration from the classic fairytale. The price point for the collection will be between 60 and 400 dollars.

Some of the motifs for the collection include pansy flowers and heart shaped keys. The collection will be available for purchase worldwide on November 1. The Alice in Wonderland theme will also be incorporated into the visual merchandising displays of select Marc Jacobs stores. As for their upcoming resort collection, Marc Jacobs has decided to take the brand back to its original roots.

Marc by Marc Jacobs unveils Alice in Wonderland inspired merchandise

They have worked to give it more of the feeling of the signature Marc Jacobs line as they prepare to transition into Marc Jacobs International just being one label. It's a taste of what is to come. The collection is meant to rewind back to Marc by Marc Jacobs earlier years when the brand was all about whimsical off-kilter designs with a girly edge.

The line will be priced between 178 dollars and 3,600 dollars, with the average stock keeping unit around 360 dollars. Resort will be delivered on a continuous stream between October and December. In store shops at department stores like Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue are expected to continue stocking Marc Jacobs' contemporary products for resort and even after the brand transitions into just one major line, according to Marc Jacobs International CEO Sebastian Stuhl.




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