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Marc O’Polo gives online shop a new look

By Simone Preuss


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Image: menswear at the new Marc O’Polo online shop / Marc O’Polo

After introducing the new "Scandinavian Studio" shop concept for stationary shops, Swedish-German premium brand Marc O'Polo has now also revamped its online shop. Marc-o-polo.com presents itself in a new look and feel that focuses on a new modernity, concentrates more on younger target groups and has an even more international orientation.

Image: Womenswear at the new Marc O’Polo online shop / Marc O’Polo

The move is part of the company's extensive rebranding and internationalisation strategy, which includes an increased focus on modernity, sustainability and youthfulness, and was unveiled at an event in Paris for the autumn/winter 2021 campaign. In its wake, Marc O’Polo opened online stores in a further 18 countries, namely in Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Norway, Iceland, Croatia, Serbia, USA, Canada, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Qatar, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong.

“A contemporary luxury approach, maximally large images, a clean look, and a “high fashion” visual language pay tribute to the appeal of the casual lifestyle brand and once again underline its premium claim. An intuitive user journey and innovative navigation ensure the perfect brand and shopping experience,” says the brand about the new online shop in a press release.

Image: Marc O'Polo

Marc O'Polo is currently present in 41 countries worldwide, including 22 countries with its own online shop. It is the label's biggest shop window and a key pillar of its omnichannel strategy. It is also one of the company's fastest growing channels, with a sales growth of more than 25 percent. Digital services in the form of the Members Programme connect the online and offline experience and strengthen customer loyalty.

Marc O'Polo