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Marni revamps packaging in line with visual brand identity

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Marni

Marni’s creative director Francesco Risso is introducing new packaging, which is environmentally friendly, as well as showcasing the “vivid spirit” of the visual brand identity of the Italian label.

In a statement, Marni said that the new generation of packaging was driven by its commitment toward environmentally friendly production and evolving its brand identity to a more “conscious mindset”.

The new packaging presents an updated interpretation of Marni’s codes, aimed to engage customers “through a sensorial brand experience, rooted in tactile and visual memory,” explains the brand.

This is achieved through new boxes inspired by Bauhaus wooden building games, with mismatching colours in two and three-tone combinations. With blue, green, yellow, orange and red juxtaposed with an emblematic hue of ivory, which is retained through the new shopping bag livery.

Image: Marni

The aim is to reflect the brand’s “aspiration to always surprise, triggering an emotional connection and reaffirming the creativity that Marni is renowned for”.

The evolution also features a deep red Marni logo, which can be seen throughout from accessories cases to dust bags, gift boxes and shopping bags.

Marni has also made the new packaging responsible, utilising materials that meet the FSC standards. The boxes and shopping bags are composed of 50 percent recycled paper and 100 percent recycled cardboard, of which 60 percent generates from pre-consumer waste and 40 percent from post-consumer waste.

The new Marni packaging will be introduced globally in spring 2022.

Image: Marni
Image: Marni