Sometimes adults aren't the only ones who deserve a bit of luxury. There are those children who develop an understanding of luxury from a very young age. Mykita has decided to cater to those type of children with the launch of their new eyewear line for kids.

Mykita, a Berlin-based company, takes its name from a German word meaning daycare, so it's only right that they finally launch a children's line. Of course, the line does cost quite the pretty penny. Aptly titled Mykita First, price points for the line range from 307 dollars for sunglasses to 334 dollars for the four optical models. The line will hit stores this June.

The line is made from flexible rubber-coated stainless steel, presumably a very child friendly material. Mykita, which is presently sold in about 75 countries across Europa, Asia, and North America, will carry the frames in ten of their shops, though which ten have not been revealed yet. Mykita certainly believes in instilling a sense of luxury in children early.





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