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Q&A: Generation Love's co-founders on the opening of Madison Avenue Store

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Generation Love store on Madison Avenue Credits: Generation Love

New York-based fashion brand Generation Love has opened its first physical store on Madison Avenue, New York City.

The debut store, located at 804 Madison Avenue, hosted a grand opening event on March 7, inviting members of the press to browse their latest collection in person. Inspired by co-founder Roni Hirshberg’s own home, the store interior includes plush cream seating, elegant marble tables, and warm lighting throughout, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Generation Love opens first store on Madison Avenue

Set in one of the most prominent shopping areas in the world, the store location holds a special place in co-founder Roni Hirshberg's heart as she grew up on the Upper East Side. “It’s super exciting to finally have our own space where Generation Love co-founder Audrey Bressa and I could showcase our vision behind the brand and style the looks in complete and cohesive ways,” said Hirshberg in a statement to FashionUnited. “We’ve been thinking about this and dreaming of this idea for a long time, exploring the idea of different locations, even cities.”

Generation Love store entry hall Credits: Generation Love

“Eventually, we switched gears, and New York and Madison Avenue was our goal. We actually found the space quite fast - literally, perhaps the second week looking - and we knew we wanted to make this space ours.” The new store is set to serve as a hub for Generation Love’s local and international customers so the brand can directly engage with its customers in a setting that furthers the brand vision.

We spoke to Roni Hirshberg and Audrey Bressa, the co-founders, to learn more about the store opening, their vision for the brand, and their plans for the future.

Generation Love store interior Credits: Generation Love

Can you share more about the vision behind Generation Love and how it's reflected in the design and layout of your new store?

“We want our clothes to make women feel empowered and chic while being comfortable. We think our new store emulates that with its soothing tones and luxe textures. We especially love the loungewear moment in the back where we want our clients to feel at home, sip some champagne or drink espresso, and shop with their friends and loved ones.”

How does the physical store extend or enhance the brand's identity that you've built online or through other retail partnerships?

“We love that the Madison Ave store is a true window into our vision, displaying our favorite pieces, assorted and styled the way we see the Gen Love girl dressing. We strive to give an amazing client experience. We want everyone who walks in the door to leave feeling happy.”

Generation Love store interior 2 Credits: Generation Love

What made Madison Avenue the ideal location for Generation Love's first physical store, and how did you decide it was the right time to open it?

“Madison Ave is one of the most iconic avenues in the world. It has always been a dream for us to open a store here. We have been toying with the idea of opening a store, and after 15 years, we decided we wanted to give our own Generation Love experience. Especially as we continue to grow the brand and the offerings, we want our store to be our showcase of the best of the best.”

How do you plan to recreate or elevate the customer shopping experience in your physical store compared to online shopping?

“We want to offer exclusive, personalized shopping experiences for our clients and their friends. We want to get to know our clients and cultivate relationships you don’t get when shopping online. We want to create a fashion space that is approachable, friendly, and inviting. Fashion and Madison Avenue can be intimidating sometimes, but we want everyone to feel welcome. We believe that the client experience is everything, and having the opportunity to speak with our clients face to face is invaluable.”

Generation Love store interior 3 Credits: Generation Love

Can you share any unique features or services that your Madison Avenue store will offer to attract and retain clients?

“We want to offer fun shopping events for clients with family and friends. Additionally, we offer same-day messenger service. We also launched our first Fine Jewelry line as a store exclusive during our press event on March 7!”

With the opening of your first store, where do you hope to see Generation Love in the next five years, both in retail and as a brand?

“Our mission is to become a household name in the luxury contemporary market. We want to be known for offering a superior product at a great price point while also offering an excellent client experience. We want to keep working towards that mission in our wholesale sector, DTC, and brick-and-mortar stores.”

Generation Love store lounge space Credits: Generation Love

Are there any plans to open more physical locations in the future?

“Since Audrey is French, and we have strong connections to Europe, down the line, we would like to have a Generation Love store in some of our favorite European cities, such as Paris and London, to name a few.”

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