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Ralph Lauren opens first store in Brooklyn

By Kristopher Fraser

Oct 17, 2015


Ralph Lauren has been in business since 1967, and in all those years Brooklyn has never been a thought. That was until the company set their sights on Williamsburg, which is continuing to become quite the fashion destination. In Williamsburg, where plaid shirts, skinny jeans, and a penchant for not so obvious luxury runs rampant, Ralph Lauren's RRL brand has found a new home.

The store is located on North 3rd Street in an area that is not too far away from other retailers such as Gant and Sandro. RRL is known for their utilitarian and Southwestern inspired aesthetic with items like plaid shirts, lace-up work boots, distressed denim, chambray shirts, and cowhide vests as notable offerings.

The aesthetic goes well with the interior design for the location, which is a converted factory building with exposed brick, wood flooring, and timber beams. With the development of Williamsburg into New York's next fashion hub, this is just another step in turning the neighborhood into a high-end retail destination. For a brand based heavily on a luxury utilitarian aesthetic, Williamsburg is the perfect place for them.