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Rebag opens Connecticut store

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: Cody Rasmussen

Luxury handbag resale company Rebag has opened a new store in Greenwich, Connecticut. Located on Greenwich Avenue, the Rebag store is 2100 square feet and joins existing luxury retailers in the area including Hermès and Saks.

In addition to handbags, Rebag Greenwich will house watches, fine jewelry, and accessories. Customers can shop Rebag’s entire online and in-store collections, sell a once-loved item within 60 minutes by leveraging Rebag’s unique upfront payment offering, or buy and sell an item in a single, combined transaction and pay only the difference via Rebag’s recently launched service, Clair Trade.

“Greenwich has always been a shopping destination for local communities in Connecticut and New York; and since COVID-19, it has become even more popular due to a vast amount of New York City residents moving to the area,” said Charles Gorra, founder and CEO of Rebag, in a statement. “Opening a physical location in Greenwich is a natural next step and builds on our retail strategy of penetrating local markets where our customers dwell, while serving as a convenient drop off point for sellers.”

The location also debuts Rebag’s first-ever “Clair Corner”, complete with a Clair Concierge, a self-service kiosk that allows customers to receive an instant price quote on the item they are selling in three easy steps via the Clair by Rebag software suite. Launched in 2019, Clair by Rebag is a proprietary software tool backed by seven years of data and millions of image references that instantly determines the resale value of more than 15,000 styles.

For shoppers not located in New York, Florida, California, or Connecticut, buying and selling at Rebag is accessible through its mobile app and rebag.com. Rebag offers a unique process that provides payment for eligible luxury goods accepted within one to two business days for online transactions, and less than 60 minutes in stores.