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Sneak Peak: H&M's latest concept Arket

By Vivian Hendriksz


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London - Curiosity concerning H&M newest retail concept, Arket, continues to mount as the retailer prepares to open its debut flagship store at 224 Regent Street, London and launch online this fall.

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Additional stores in Covent Garden and Copenhagen, Brussels and Munich are set to follow the opening of Arket's first store shortly as parent company H&M is said to be working with a new team of designers, buyers, pattern makers, architects, writers, and chefs to bring Arket to life. Designed to be a modern-day market which offers essential products for men, women, children and the home, Arket is set to offer high-quality, durable products at an accessible price point.

H&M shares more information on its latest brand: Arket

The stores will offer both Arket's in-house collections, as well as curated third-party products, "because there is no need to reinvent products that have already been perfected," said the label in a statement. "Arket's collection is complemented by the best from other brands - mainly of shoes, accessories, and homeware." Brands set to launch in Arket include Adidas, Clarks, Converse, Penguin, and Reebok.

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Arket's in house fashion collections will are be designed by a dedicated team working out of a design studio in Stockholm, Sweden and development to last a long time. "To attempt to make products with a longer life, we invest time in their development," added Arket. The archive, a common thread found throughout the new concept, acts as the foundation of the collections and sees the products blending seamlessly with each other, season in and season out.

Each new product, which is said to be "a perfect version of itself" will also feature a unique 9 digit code, to make make it easier for customers to find and re-locate products they wish to purchase online or in-store while acting as a useful tool to track all of Arket products. Sustainability is also another focal point for Arket, and is said to be a primary consideration for the brand.

Photo: Courtesy Arket