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SportsShoes.com wants to be the world’s most sustainable running equipment retailer

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

Feb 16, 2022


Image: SportsShoes.com

Premium online running shoes, running clothing and outdoor gear retailer, SportsShoes.com has pledged to become the world’s most sustainable running equipment retailer by 2025.

The Bradford-headquartered company, which sells more than 17,000 products from 150 global running and outdoor brands including Asics, Nike, Adidas, Hoka and New Balance, has shared the ambitious pledge as part of its environmental and sustainability strategy.

The ‘Leave No Footprints’ strategy was developed after appointing sustainable innovation consultancy Ape to carry out a carbon assessment of the business. The consultancy reviewed everything from warehouse and office operations to the supply chain, international distribution and the amount of packaging used.

SportsShoes.com achieved carbon-neutral status in April last year and the company’s next stated goal is to offset all carbon produced by the business in its 40-year history. It said it will do this by enhancing and improving all its supply chain processes, from the transport and receipt of products from brand partners through to their delivery to customers worldwide.

Commenting on the company’s sustainability plans, SportsShoes.com managing director, Brett Bannister, said in a statement: “We believe that there’s no fun to be had standing still. However, moving fast leaves footprints so we are working in several ways to reduce ours. As a footwear and apparel retailer, we recognise the hugely important role we must play in implementing long term sustainability practices.

“We are dedicated to ensuring we are at the forefront of change in the retail sector and being accountable for our products. To be the most sustainable running equipment retailer in the world is a bold aim, but one we are entirely committed to achieving. We want to run to a better place.”

Owner of sustainable innovation consultancy Ape, Mark Shayler, added: “SportsShoes.com is driven to make a positive difference in everything it does. This includes the products they sell and the way they do business. “Some organisations will reluctantly move towards carbon net-zero. Others will lead the way and Brett and his team at SportsShoes are doing just that. It has been a real joy to work with such a committed and humble business.”