Stitch Fix, Inc., the online personal styling service, as a result of current public health orders in San Mateo County, California and in Pennsylvania, is temporarily closing two of its distribution centers. The South San Francisco, California distribution center is anticipated to be closed until April 7 to comply with the applicable order. The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania distribution center will be closed until the governor provides an expected end date for the Pennsylvania order.

Stitch Fix has four other distribution centers operating in the U.S. and currently plans to manage inventory and to serve clients from those facilities. More states are starting to see stay-at-home orders though, so who knows what businesses could be forced to temporarily close next.

As of today, Stitch Fix's market value is down with stocks trading at 14 dollars and 59 cents. Like many other fashion companies, they are facing the fallout of the stock market due to coronavirus.





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