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The Tailory New York expanding women's business

By Kristopher Fraser

Apr 29, 2015


The Tailory New York was founded last year as a means of providing men with stylish business professional attire. Doing men's was not enough for them, however, the brand is now looking at trying to get in on the women's business. The company is working on a strategy that will help them reel in female clientele.

So far, they have plans for aggressively using social media, referrals from current customers, trunk shows, and hosting events that have a large female focus. Currently, The Tailory New York's business is 70 percent men's wear and 30 percent women's wear, but, their founder Shao Yang hopes to create a more even split in their sales demographic by getting women in finance, real estate, law, and media to start looking to the company for their apparel choices.

There's a new custom suit maker in NYC

The Tailory New York is located 9 East 53rd Street on the 5th floor, and is the go-to place for custom made business apparel. The company is famous for making high quality apparel from materials like Loro Piana and Scabal. To make an appointment you must go to thetailorynyc.com. Their range of apparel includes shirts for men and women, suits for men and women, overcoats, blazers, chinos, shorts, tailored dresses, and jumpsuits.

Yang, a Parson's graduate, has a long list of experience in custom tailoring. She has worked at Kay Uger, Lineao O, and My Suit Made to Measure. She went into doing custom suiting because she fell in love with the gentleman's era in fashion. She certainly knows luxury as well.

Prices for one of The Tailory New York's custom made shirts can range anywhere from 150 dollars for basic house cotton to 300 dollars for a Thomas Mason. A suit made from Loro Piana can cost upwards of 4000 dollars. Of course, in the immortal words of The Tailory New York's Vice President Garrett Wexler, "A perfectly tailored suit is a strong message." Yang wants to ensure that everyone can send a strong message, so, it is great that she is finally growing her women's business.