New York - Increasingly popular Japanese-based fast-fashion retailer Uniqlo has shuttered their Chinese e-commerce flagship on after only three months. The initiative was only supposed to be a three month trial, but, given Uniqlo's popularity and plans for expansion there was plenty of hope that it would go on for longer.

However, according to a spokesman for Uniqlo, didn't fit with the brand's China e-commerce strategy. When originally announced their deal with Uniqlo there was no mention of a trial period, so this comes as a bit of a surprise to the public. Chinese lovers of Uniqlo have no reason to fear though.

Uniqlo still maintains an e-commerce presence on Alibaba's Tmall platform. This is much to the dismay of however, as Alibaba happens to be their number one competitor for the Chinese e-commerce space. Uniqlo might eventually get to a point where they will handle their own Chinese e-commerce, but, there is currently no timeline for specifically when.





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