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Victoria's Secret halts e-commerce orders

By Kristopher Fraser


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Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands has paused e-commerce orders for both Victoria's Secret and Pink as they begin closing distribution centers through March 29. L Brand's Bath & Body Works orders will be handled by a third party company in the interim.

In response to coronavirus, L Brands has closed all of its Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret, and Pink stores. They are focusing the majority of their business on Bath & Body Works now as there is high demand for soaps and hand sanitizers.

L Brands recently sold controlling stake in Victoria's Secret to Sycamore partners, which will help stave off some of the losses from Victoria's Secret already declining sales. The brand wasn't in good shape before this, and the hit the entire retail sector took from coronavirus has helped no one.

Amazon recently had to close a warehouse in New York after an employee tested positive for coronavirus. Retail stores all around New York City remain closed at least until April.

photo: via Victoria's Secret Press Room

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