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Introduction of the super sustainable SuperRebel KidsGear Spring/Summer collection 2023

By Press Club



Picture: SuperRebel KidsGear SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

SuperRebel Kidsgear introduces its super sustainable spring and summer collection. The Brave Brand for Kids shows that you can look cool as a kid without unnecessarily heating up the earth. The collection consists of beach and sportswear based on distinct prints, technical fabrics, bold colors, bold statements and SuperRebel branding. Basically everything that sets SuperRebel Kidsgear apart from other kidswear brands since 2016: You are what you wear. For kids that love to make a statement.

SuperRebel Kidsgear on the Beach

Brave kids can make a statement at the beach this summer with SuperRebel Kidsgear's new beach collection. The collection consists of swimwear based on graphic prints, striking bright colors and SuperRebel details and statements. Important is the fit and comfort, so that the swim trunks, bermudas, bikinis, swimsuits, shorts and shirts can be worn before, during and after swimming. Especially for the 'brave beach boys and girls who just wanna have sun.’

Picture: SuperRebel KidsGear SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

The Brave Brand for Sport

SuperRebel Kidsgear presents: activewear for brave kids. The new sports collection looks good at school, on the field, while chilling or on the street. The sweats, joggings, shorts, leggings and shirts are made of quality, comfortable fabrics and materials. Featuring eye-catching details, graphic prints and SuperRebel statements. Down to the details, SuperRebel Kidsgear is the brave brand for kids.

Bravery does not have to destroy our planet

A striking detail in the SPRING/SUMMER 2023 collection of SuperRebel Kidsgear is the fluorescent yellow rebel device, the logo that stands for sustainability of the collection. SuperRebel Kidsgear doesn't call it a super sustainable collection for nothing because more than 90% of the new collection is now made of sustainable materials and produced in a sustainable way. The aim is to be as sustainable as possible because SuperRebel Kidsgear makes clothes for a generation that has a right to a planet that is also there for their children. To be sustainable is to be brave.

Picture: SuperRebel KidsGear SS23 Collection, courtesy of the brand

About SuperRebel Kidsgear ...

We are SuperRebel for a reason. In 2016 we created the iconic SuperRebel® Kidsgear brand. A sport and street couture brand designed for rebellious kids. We’re not a fashion brand, but a fashion statement. Bold, outspoken, smart, and stylish are the values for the design of every collection. Besides this we improve on quality all the time and try to be as sustainable as possible because we love to protect the planet for our kids and their kids. We believe in selective distribution. So you won’t find SuperRebel on every street corner. The marketing communication strategy is mainly focused on ambassadors and influencers (SuperRebel Army, kids of celebrities and talents). Social media and partnerships are mainly used to build the brand and we always work together with the best available photographers. It’s our aim to become the coolest brand for kids on the planet. Loved by kids and their parents. SuperRebel Kidsgear is a Dutch brand. Created by SuperRebel and Brand Works from Amsterdam. Our Kidsgear brand is becoming more and more adult. At the moment our brand is sold in more than 10 countries.

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