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Mexx FW21 Collection

By Press Club

Feb 23, 2021

The new Mexx FW21 collection for women, men, kids, youth, shoes, sports and home has been released. The collection is inspired by the history of Mexx, it’s about connecting with the world around us. The theme of the collection is “My first love of Amsterdam”. The story of Mexx all started with a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. Back in the days young entrepreneur Rattan Chadha wanted to start a fashion brand, based in Amsterdam, the city he fell in love with.

The thrill of this cosmopolitan city is one which doesn’t judge but encourages people to follow their dreams. The buzz of the streets, the silence of its parks, the creativity of its museums. “I always smell this undefined Amsterdam vibe when walking in the city”, says Simone Rommelaars (Head of Design Mexx Fashion). “The collection is inspired by the global fashion vibe you feel in Amsterdam. The theme of the collection is sophisticated comfort at home and away.”

In the FW21/22 collection Mexx takes you on a daytrip. Each spot stands for a delivery drop. From head to toe dressed for the occasion.

Mexx starts at the lovely boutique hotel The Hoxton. “This hotel is a true gem in the city, with eye for detail and a great mix of modern vibes and classic styles. The way they matched these styles is translated in the collection. By merging modernity with all-time classics we realized a first drop which is spot on Mexx”, says Simone.

After that, Mexx strolls around in the little streets of Amsterdam. Passing by beautiful canal houses and forgotten squares. Comfortable, yet sophisticated shoes will lead you through small streets up to the most beautiful museum of Amsterdam: The Rijksmuseum.

After a long and intense day, Mexx takes a break at The Vondelpark in comfy and cool loungewear sets and nice soft shoes you can wear inside and out. “We’ll take a walk around the park and maybe even join a local yoga course in the last sun rays of fall.”, says Simone.

For shoes the main colours for this collection are black, brown, sand, taupe and khaki. The Mexx FW21 Shoes collection will be delivered in July, August and September of this year with a total of 3 deliveries.

For fashion we find blacks and blues, cognac in combination with pink, red in combination with burgundy, as well as cobalt blue and pink. The Mexx FW21 Fashion Collection will be delivered in January, February, March and April of this year with a total of 4 deliveries.

Mexx is a Dutch fashion brand that was originally founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in the Netherlands. Find more about Mexx on the brand page: fashionunited.com/companies/mexx