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Recycling old sneakers for Indosole's Spring Summer 2022 collection!

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Indosole, SS22 collection, courtesy of the brand

Saving 1,5k tires a day and turning them into the sole of slippers, Indosole is striving to not only become the pioneer of recycling but also reduce landfill waste on a big scale. With transparency, impact and universality as core drivers Indosole is continuously reworking its production process and concept to become the greenest and cleanest in the game. As a certified B Corp, Indosole is committed to the standards set forth in order to create a more ethical and open business environment.

Indosole has dedicated the last 10 years to being the environmental keepers of the future. Merging artisan skill with corrective impact, developing a laborious shoemaking process that transforms tires to soles by hand. Through this analogue technology and circular thinking the brand was able to save over 100K+ tires from landfills but looking at the exponential rate of industrial world waste, they realized that they had to step up their game.

Indosole, SS22 collection, courtesy of the brand

Staying true to the Indosole Ethos and the timeless ESSNTL collection, the conscious brand has tried ways to find new materials that can be used from waste. Indonesia, where the brand is based, is one of the ten largest footwear manufacturers in the world and the manufacturing base for international footwear brands in several categories including boots, leather footwear and most of all SNEAKERS. Each year millions of sneakers from major footwear manufacturers are produced in Indonesia. There are always defects in the mass production of products. Those defects end up in landfill and even worse are being burned as a cheap source of fuel.

Indosoles’ obligation was to adopt these LOST SOLES, preventing them from ending up in landfills and giving them a new life as soles, through their brand-new Sneaker Sole technology.

“Indosole's staple has been our "recycled tire sole technology" featured on all our footwear. This year, we have salvaged a new and exciting material innovation called "The Lost Sole" which adds more color and personality to the brand. Using the same process in pulverizing our tires, we are now intercepting sneaker parts (From Major Footwear Brands) and getting them on the streets as a fresh pair of Indosole sandals. Look for our new sneaker sole flips and slides in Orange, Red, and White - Launching in Spring!” – Kyle, Founder of Indosole.

The Lost Sole’, Indosole’s newest sole made from the waste of major footwear Major Footwear manufacturers is now available on www.indosoleeurope.com as well as various fashion, footwear, surf and lifestyle stores throughout Europe.

Indosole, SS22 collection, courtesy of the brand
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