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Urban Cosmetics Berlin

By Press Club

Nov 1, 2021


The organic skincare manufacturer Urban Cosmetics Berlin was founded by Fabian Thiele and Karin Engel for their passion and willingness to advocate holistic beauty. The natural cosmetics are handmade with care using plant oils and flower waters from controlled organic cultivation. Their products range from face, body, hair to bath products that are vegan, free of animal testing and without artificial additives.

Nature has already given plants the perfect formula for life and that is why UC Berlin products contain only what the skin needs. The gender neutral skincare treatments are meant to be personalized for every individual skin type. All products are freshly made every month according to consumption. This eliminates the need for storage. Sustainability and the careful use of resources are possible thanks to the reduction of plastics and the abandonment of outer packaging. Since inception UC Berlin introduced a deposit system where customers can return the empty glass bottles to be recycled.

As a niche cosmetics brand, UC Berlin aims to raise awareness around the benefits of clean and holistic beauty, to educate the customer by being transparent regarding products that are the most beneficial for the skin and why. UC Berlin uses only high-quality certified ingredients with the primary focus on bioavailability of active ingredients in raw materials from mainly native plants of Central Europe.

Read more about Urban Cosmetics Berlin on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/urban-cosmetics-berlin

Urban Cosmetics Berlin