Gucci to set up Gucci Research Lab with Bocconi University

London - Italian luxury fashion house Gucci is partnering with Bocconi University to establish the Gucci Research Lab.

"It’s a pleasure to establish the Gucci Research Lab, which aims to identify and study the trends that define the way in which organizations are evolving, with a special focus on the luxury industry," commented Rector Gianmario Verona.

The three-year partnership encompasses research projects which analyze core trends in organizational design and digital transformation, exploring how factors such as employee empowerment and risk-taking can affect companies in the luxury industry. A group of four professors, coordinated by the Lab Director, will oversee the different research fields and publish a position paper on the dedicated research topic each year.

"I’m delighted that Gucci and Bocconi University are collaborating on this important initiative," said Marco Bizzarri, President, and CEO of Gucci, "which is designed to reveal important insights that large and small companies can learn from. More than ever before, a company’s culture can be the differentiating factor in terms of competitive advantage."

The Milan-based private university was founded in 1902. It is renowned for its research facilities as well as its MBE programmes. The new partnerships, which sees Gucci become one of Bocconi's Strategic Partners, further consolidating the relationship between the two. Gucci is already a key employer for Bocconi graduates and students through the university's Corporate Associate Program and the joint Luxury Talent Program.

Photo: Bocconi University





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