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Casestudy further commits to global and sustainable goals with new office in Bangladesh

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Nov 14, 2022


Saroj Barua
Already established in Hong Kong, China, Turkey, the US, and Europe, Casestudy has widened its reach by opening a new office in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Closer now to their clients' production facilities in South Asia, they have created a strong set-up in Dhaka and have a local team experienced in Bangladesh's trims and textile industry.

Bangladesh has come a long way in recent years. And no one knows this more than Casestudy Country Manager Saroj Barua. Dhaka today is buzzing with the return of the world's biggest brands, far from where it was a few years ago after the Rana Plaza disaster. Saroj says there has been a massive shift in the country's mindset. Compliance is taken seriously, and better work conditions and production methods are now in place. According to Saroj, happy workers in happy workplaces improves production. This is undoubtedly a positive attitude for a country working hard to distance itself from past negative associations. With massive investments in safer factories, worker conditions, and sustainability, Bangladesh is putting its money where its mouth is. While it still has a way to go, Saroj has worked hard to connect Casestudy with the right local people and reliable factories. This means Casestudy can guarantee clients that they comply with all social, worker, and green standards.

With a team of seven headed by Saroj, Casestudy rolls out its operations steadily. However, opening an office in Dhaka in 2020 certainly had its challenges. Just as they began hiring in the city, the Pandemic hit. And sadly, during it, Saroj lost his young wife and twin babies to Covid. It was a tough time for the country manager, but Casestudy managed to take on these challenges, while supporting and welcoming Saroj into the business. Today the office is up and running with orders coming in, and the Dhaka team are busy taking care of them.

The Pandemic affected the region in many ways. Saroj says that as well as investment in better practices, Bangladesh now produces more raw materials too. Taking away its reliance on China to import these, we offer customers the same quality materials at a lower price by cutting out import costs, more transparency, quicker production times, and a reduced carbon footprint. Being able to source and produce from inside Bangladesh is a massive draw for customers. While China has been affected by lockdowns, Bangladesh offers duty-free making it a competitive place to do business. Casestudy is excited to be part of Bangladesh’s transition, working with clients in the region and all the positive outcomes ahead for this rapidly developing country.


About Casestudy

In business since 2003, Casestudy design, develop, and produce trims and packaging for the fashion industry. With headquarters in Hong Kong and production in China, Casestudy delivers fast and easy in the Far East. In 2019, they opened a production division in Istanbul to cover the Turkish, European, and North African region. And in 2020, their new office in Dhaka brings them closer to South Asia. Being closer to garment production locations means less cost, quicker turnaround times, and puts sustainability goals into action.

Casestudy produce in-house. Their seamless structure saves customers time and money while guaranteeing beautifully designed, quality products every time. And with showrooms across Europe, Los Angeles, and New York, Casestudy really is a global business.

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