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Ted Baker built Animal Crossing island to preview AW21 collections

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Ted Baker x Animal Crossing

In its first exploration of the gaming market, fashion brand Ted Baker has taken to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons to showcase its autumn/winter 2021 collection and present a virtual brand experience.

Created in collaboration with visual artist and gamer Kara Chung, players are able to walk through and explore the brand’s specially designed digital space.

Chung is known for managing the Instagram account Animal Crossing Fashion Archive, where she documents fashion news from the beloved game, as well as working with a wide number of fashion brands on their approach to the virtual market.

Image: Ted Baker x Animal Crossing

A digital version of 20 items from the Ted Baker autumn/winter collection will be available for players to use on their avatars, including party dresses, print shirts and bucket hats.

The collaboration is part of the label’s ongoing Street Party Sessions, launched in September, with the five different virtual realities within its island inspired by settings from the campaign. With a set list running throughout October, the campaign stars the likes of Bastille and Jungle, each performing digitally through an immersive experience.

Translated into the Animal Crossing world, virtual flower gardens and beachfront piers reference the presentations of the Street Party events, each displayed in a party-like atmosphere within the game.

Image: Ted Baker x Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing saw a significant increase in engagement during the pandemic, with users able to create alternate worlds and connect with other players online. A number of fashion brands seized the opportunity in the gaming sphere, with the likes of Valentino and Net-a-porter releasing digital versions of their collections.

Within Ted Baker’s world, players will have access to in-game photo opportunities and a QR code that enables a wider discovery of the campaign.

Users can access the island using a dedicated Animal Crossing dream code.

Image: Ted Baker x Animal Crossing
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