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Audio Architect Apparel - Sustainable Streetwear Not Fast Fashion

By Sponsor

Oct 28, 2021


Image: Audio Architect Apparel

Audio Architect Apparel is a fashion brand with sustainability as a core value. We recognize our responsibilities as a brand towards the environment, ecosystems and local communities.

Fast fashion has become a major problem for our environment and it's been pushed to the forefront of the climate agenda in recent years. The questions surrounding fast fashion have been on the table since the very conception of Audio Architect Apparel. A lot of the drive behind Fast Fashion has come from consumers demanding the lowest possible price. Cash has been really tight and the brands have just been answering their customers. In driving the price down as far as possible, the environment has suffered. A lot. 

Image: Audio Architect Apparel

At Audio Architect Apparel, we believe that fashion should not be fast. We don't want to create garments for people who don't care about the environment we live in. We want to create a brand that is held accountable for its actions. We believe that contemporary fashion should be sustainable and help support the communities that create it. By purchasing any of our garments you can be rest assured that we are doing all we can to protect our environment and make sure the people in our supply chain are paid properly for their work.

We are fully aware of the devastating effects that the fashion industry can have on the environment. It's one of the world’s big polluters. Audio Architect Apparel is fully aware of this and we hate it! Like properly hate it! We are striving to change the impact we have on the environment. Here are the minimum standards that we expect anyone in our supply chain to adhere to:

All materials are sourced from natural, organic, renewable and recycled sources wherever possible.

Any animal derived materials used in our products (i.e. wool) are only sourced from purpose-bred animals.

Any animal that could or would be used in the production of any of our products is never from wild or endangered (CITES) species.

The farming and harvesting of natural fibre crops do not contribute to habitat loss or destruction.

Suppliers are asked to produce certification such as Oeko-tex and the Confidence in Textiles label to ensure the best possible practice is sought in any chemical and manufacturing process.

As a minimum, all factory discharges to the atmosphere, water and land are well within legal limits and have as minimal an impact on the local environment, people and ecosystems as possible.

A concerted effort is made to ensure water and energy is conserved wherever possible across our entire supply chain.

Every effort is made to reduce, reuse and recycle all waste wherever possible. Any hazardous wastes are appropriately segregated, stored and disposed of responsibly.

Sustainability and environmental performance are reviewed at least annually, to address any changes or additions to business activities and to promote continual improvement.

Image: Audio Architect Apparel

Read more about Audio Architect Apparel on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/audioarchitect